Tuesday, 29 October 2013

M Most Memorable Time At Pt England School !

My memorable time at Pt England School was Fun Run. As the day for fun run was coming I was really excited because I didn’t want to practice everyday anymore.At last the day for the fun run about to begin , we were on our way to the Reserve next to our school . We were waiting for the other class to arrive and I was having butterflies in my stomach. Bang! the race started. It was so fun because we were so muddy all over our legs. As I saw the finishing line I was so happy and relieved of myself. We all finish the teachers were so happy of us all in team 5 because we did our best. I went home on that day feeling happy and content about myself. So this was my most memorable time at Pt England School.



Tes Taliauli said...

HI Faa'ao,
It was a pleasure reading about an experience you've enjoyed at Pt England. You had good flow in your writing making me able to picture the day's events in my head. Great job.

Ronald Griffin said...

Hey Faaao!! My name is Colby Ronald Griffin and I am a student at The University of South Alabama. I am currently taking a course named EDM310 and that's what brought me to your blog. If you would like to check out my blog for this class follow this link. I enjoyed reading your post. Running in a race can be a very exciting experience. You did a great job describing details. Giving good descriptions can paint a picture in the mind of the reader, resulting in holding their attention better. Thanks for sharing!!

Faa'ao said...

Hey everyone,
Thank You for your thoughtful comments...

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