Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Trip to Te Tehi art gallery.

Today Tuesday 2nd of December our class had a visit to Te Tuhi art gallery in Pakuranga. But before we hopped on the bus to get there we had to sort out who is going and who’s not. I reckon it was a hard job for my teacher because she was calling students parents. They wanted all the year 8 and 7’s to go because it’s the last outing for the year. After all the callings my teacher made we finally got on the bus. Took us 10 to 15 minutes to get there. As soon as we got there everyone was excited to go inside. We got inside and saw a lady and man. They were the peoples taking us around the Te Tuhi gallery and had activities for us. Their names were Louisa and Jeremy. They were very kind and wonderful tutors while we were there. Then we carried on with what we were suppose to do.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Why is it important to be on time?

Why is it important to be on time?

It’s really important to be on time, especially if you were expected to be somewhere at a certain time. Why do you think coming to school or church on time is really important?

At our church, going to church on time is really important because people don’t like to miss Sunday school or miss out any important notices. Even if people attend church late they also miss out on welcoming the Lord Saviour into their hearts and worshipping him. Those are the most important parts of going to church.

Attending school on time is the most important thing. If you are late you miss out on important notices, the roll and the karakia to start off your day. You don’t only miss out on those stuff, you also miss out on explanation of your school work to start off with or for the rest of the day.

If you’re a person who attends stuff late. You will end up in school detention or very close to losing your job. Teachers or bosses will always want a person who is punctual.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Why is it important to have class/school rules?

-know where all the boundaries are
-breaking rules

Why do you think rules are important in schools and classes? Well let’s find out.

Having no rules in classes can be a very hard class to learn in. It’s because students in your class would be very disrespectful and won’t get a good education. A class with rules is very different to a class without rules. If your class has rules it’s going to be a very respectful class and they will always show their teacher the best they can be. Students would be trying everything their teachers say to do.

A class without rules would be a very bad class because they would have no respect for others in their class. If we had no rules, our class would be full of thefts, swearing, fighting and disrespectful people. So it’s best for all classes to have rules because everyone can stay safe and it would be a good place to be in.

A class with rules will be a very good class that shows respect for one another. Our class would be a very good and hard working class. Every class has got to have rules at each and every school.

If our school didn’t have rules it would be a school full of violence and our school property would be ruined. Everyone would just go crazy and do whatever they want instead of learning.  

Friday, 17 October 2014

Immersion Assembly

At Point England School we had an Immersion Assembly on the first day of term. Full of excitement the classes walked to the hall all together. Team 5 was waiting for the other classes to sit down in the hall.

It was team one’s turn up the stage. Their item was about going to the beach and learning what’s at the beach to inspire their art work. One day this term their going down to the river to look for some ideas for their art.

Next it was team two’s turn for their item. Their item was about primary/secondary colours. They showed a little short video of what the colours are and when they mix it together what colour it’s going to turn out. After their little video they gave us simple questions from that video.

After that it was team three’s item. Their item was about artist and who invented art stuff. In their area they are learning more about famous artist back in the days. It was really interesting because they showed who their artist was and what they painted that was really famous. The artist was Da Vinci, Andy Warhol and Splash. Walking off the stage with heaps of cheering and clapping from the students watching.

Team 4 teachers item was similar to team 3’s. But their item was a bit more fun and had a bit of laughter. In the area they’re at they will be learning about artists back in the old days. It was finally the last team and that was team 5. Save the best for last. They didn’t perform anything but have painted and created a painting. Painted and painted while the song was playing, no one knew what it was until they turned it around. When they finished they turn it the other way and guess what it was? It was a painting of Mr Burt, Mr Jacobson and Mrs Jarman.

After all the teams items, Mrs Tele’a came up to show her Malu. For those who don’t know what that is it’s a Samoan Traditional Tattoo for a lady. She showed the main parts of it and also explain why it is important to us Samoan people. You could only get it when you’re a lady back in the days but now you can get it at any age. Only ladies can get it not mans.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Weekend Recount.

This weekend was a very important and exciting weekend. As school finished on Friday, very happy to go over to my aunt's house for a special event that happened on Sunday. Practicing very hard getting all our dance move right and same timing, while we try our uniform on one by one. The event was International Day.

When we finished our we were talking about trying our best in every move we do because every can see every move of the dance. Having dinner late at night was a very nice thing to do with all my family together having fun and laughing, that hasn’t happened in a while.

Woke up the next morning raining hard as it was the night before. Went to check my aunt's room to see if she was there but she lefted saying she would be back in the evening and wait for everyone to come so yous can practice without me. Also I had to babysit my little cousins because their older brother went out fishing with his dad around 9:30.

Another day of hard working and having fun together. It was finally Sunday and everyone gathering together doing a prayer before we leave to go out Henderson.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Cross Country .

Cross Country. 11/09/2014

I had butterflies and was very nervous because we had cross country.

Thursday 11th September was the date that we had our school cross country. At 12:00pm we had our lunch time because our cross country started at 1:00pm. As soon as we all got the courts, we got ready for the first race to start. The year 1 boys starting first. Before they lined up to race, we had our house captains do their team chants, and Mr Burt did a prayer. Mr Burt prayed to bless and protect us as we’re running, and prayed that we have no accidents while our event is happening.

“BANG!” Mr Burt started the first year 1 boys race. All the little boys started running, while everyone else was cheering and screaming. When the year 1 boys nearly finished their race the year 1 girls started. Lining up to start their race all the year 7 and 8 girls and boys got up to move to a place where we could see. This is because all the supporters and parents were standing in our way. When we got to the bottom field, we saw all the little kids running past with a big smile on their faces.

As we were sitting we were all making noise and cheering for our house colours as they ran past us. It was finally the year 7 boys turn to get started with their race. When they were going to the starting line we all had butterflies and were getting nervous because we knew it was nearly our turn. When the year 7 boys finished their first lap it was the year 5 girls turn to race, while the year 7 girls lined up all the year 8 boys were nervous.

“Year 8 girls please line up in one line, quickly. HURRY UP!” Mrs Nua said with a grumpy voice, while everyone was looking for their running partner. Standing at the starting line, watching some of the senior boys running past us, waiting for our time to run.  It was finally the year 8 girls time to run and it was also the last race of the day.

When our race started most of the girls were screaming and trying their best but when we got out of the gate most of them started walking. Running with my close friend Asena V then we stopped by Mele because she felt very sick. When we stopped and asked for help, Mele told us to run so I did but Asena decided to stay with her until she had one of our teachers come get her. Huffing and puffing while I was running nearly on my second lap I could see Asena on the other side of the field. I was thinking of going back to run with her but it was too far away so I kept running until I saw Mr Barks, Mr Somerville and Mrs Va’afusuaga.

On my second lap it was a really good lap because it felt short and I had some laughters while running. It felt weird because when I was laughing no one was there but myself.

That was how our school cross country day went. I really enjoyed running and having to try my best at all time when fitness. After our run I felt tired and exhausted but we were just glad it was over because we run everyday for training.   

Reading Task .

This book was about a netball team playing their games and their coach Miss Sami always say team work guys. “Talk with each other so they know who you are” Miss Sami said to the netball team. During the game they were leading but they didn’t use team work and also didn’t talk to each other. But at the end they were all proud of each other for teamwork even though they losted their game.  

Task 2: Answer the following questions:

1. Why was Ina feeling nervous?
Because it was her first game

2. What do you think Janet’s position was in the team? How do you know?
Goal defender because when the other team had the ball and she jumped high as she can to get the ball.

3. What was the score at the end of the first quarter?
Each team had 1 all.

4. What did the teacher remind Ina to do in the second quarter?
Miss Sami reminded Ina to work as a team and use teamwork.

5. What mistake did Ina make in the third quarter?
She didn’t use teamwork and didn’t talk to her team so she didn’t get her team goal in.

6. What was the moral of the story?
The moral of the story is to use teamwork and talk to each other so yous can have a happy ending and also have fun during your game.

Task 3: Give 2 examples of simple, compound and complex sentences from the story.

Simple sentences:
  1. She looked at Ina.
  2. Ina had the ball.

Compound sentences:
  1. Just as the other team’s goal attack threw the ball, Janet jumped as high as she could.
  2. Ina turned to high-five Lucy, but Lucy had already gone back to her starting position.
Complex sentences:
  1. “We might be leading,” said Miss Sami at the break, “but we’re only halfway there.”
  2. “You might not have won the game,” she said, “but as a team you’re a winner.”